Here is some important information about Summer 2014 professional learning opportunities! Click the link below labeled “2014 Flyer” to download the informative flyer and registration form. Thank you!

2014 Flyer

Here is an image of the flyer, but you will still need to download the link link in order to get the registration form.

2014 Flyer 2

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Jacques Ollivier and Patti Adkisson

DSC_0080_2 DSC_0077_2

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Frank Chandler


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Casceila Miller

explorer unit cwwp

Opinion Paper analysis

Presentation Lesson cwwp

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Bobbi Johnson, Andrea Jensvold, and Brenda Picha

DSC_0089_2 DSC_0087_2 DSC_0088

Animal graphic orgranizer

Informative writing structure

Moon snail pictures

Process Grid

sea star pictures

Second Grade Writing Rubric

Unit Plan Sealife

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Shelley de Maintenon


Demo Outline

It Says I Say So What

Sources TAP

Then and Now

apparts 2


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Marco Bicchieri


cartoon_analysis_worksheet natinal archives

Poitical Cartoon Blog Lesson Plan

Political Cartoon Analy Schaumb Wk Sht

Political Cartoon Guided Practice EG

Political Cartoon Independent Practice EG

Political Cartoon Menu for CWWP Lesson

Show Sections for Pol Cartoon Lesson

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